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We are the first company to combine the power of crowdsourcing with mobile technology to deliver real time information. 

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Technology that tells the story behind your data.

Sometimes it's hard to know what's going on from just looking at the data. Our technology lets you see for yourself.

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What is
Field Agent?

Field Agent is a system that connects people who need information with people who can provide it. It begins by someone requesting specific information via our website. We broadcast the request to people in the field, who we call Agents. The Agents use a mobile device to return the needed info, which they get paid for.



  • Price Checks
  • Retail Audits
  • In-Store Photos
  • Check In-Stocks
  • In-Store Review
  • New Item Analysis


  • Surveys
  • Opinion Polls
  • Media Reviews
  • Customer Experience
  • Mystery Shopping
  • In Home Photos

Client Quote

"Field Agent has put retail intelligence within our reach at a moment's notice. Information that used to take weeks to retrieve, now takes days. We receive the information while it is still relevant and actionable. Field Agent is changing the way we approach merchandising in our business."

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